A Very Brief Look At ‘Banned For No Reason’ Claims

A Very Brief Look At ‘Banned For No Reason’ Claims

A ubiquitous claim on every platform, ‘banned for no reason’ is a claim that comes up much more often than it should. This isn’t about the minority of cases where a reason genuinely was not provided, but rather about the majority of cases where a reason is given, but the end-user does not agree with it.

What the end-user doesn’t realise is that claiming that they were banned for no reason when a reason was given only hurts their case more than it helps it. The reason I say this is because when a support agent reads this claim, they’ll interpret this as ‘I was banned and no reason was given’.

With this in mind, you may be wondering how you should word your claim when you feel like you were ‘banned for no reason’. The solution is simple if you follow the three steps below.

1. Acknowledge The Reason You Were Banned

It’s fair enough if you don’t agree with the reason, but if you were provided a reason, acknowledge that you were banned for the reason given whilst also stating that you do not agree with the reason. Doing so will make you seem more reasonable and less like an irate customer trying to game the system with a fraudulent claim.

2. Don’t Send An Expletive-Ridden Message

This should be common sense, but in every support ticket I’ve dealt with where the end-user claims they were banned for no reason, they are always, without fail, an inexplicably large number of swear words directed at the staff members. I shouldn’t need to say that insulting the people you’re trying to get help from won’t make them more likely to help you, but evidently, I do. Just remember that you attract more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.

3. Accept The Resolution, Ask For An Alternative, Or Move On

If the resolution isn’t what you were expecting, you can continue making a sound argument on why you don’t agree with the resolution. If you’ve exhausted yourself arguing, you can try asking for an alternative, such as if you can be provided with a final chance to be a part of the community. If this request is denied, it’s better to just move on than continuing to burn the bridge further.

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